Information for participating choirs

This page contains information and reference documents for the use of choirs participating in the 2019 choral festival.

International Symposium and Workshop

Competition Briefing Notes

Notes for Musical Directors

Choir Briefing for Regional Concerts

Safeguarding Policy - March 2019

Health and Safety Policy - March 2019

Choirs Details ver 2019-03-20

Choir Performances Plan ver 2019-03-20

Concert Venues ver 2019-03-20

Host Choirs Events List ver 2019-03-20

Main Events Planning Grid ver 2019-03-20

Audience Survey Form - draft February 2019

Map of CIMCF Venues

CIMCF 2019 ~ Festival Details

Competition and Festival Rules and Regulations

Trelawny - Words and Music

Choir Briefing - Informal and Tourist Attractions